गुरुवार, 29 सितम्बर, 2022
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Literature loves, authors, writers across the world collected at Diggi Palace to celebrate annual literary event, Jaipur Literature Festival. In inaugural ceremony Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot said that event is pride of Rajasthan and Sahitya ka Mahakumbh.
At the time when people say that love for literature is dying Jaipur Literature Festival is proof that it is not, said festival co-director and author William Dalrymple.

The latest edition of the JLF will host over 250 speakers including authors, scholars, actors, humanitarians, business leaders, and sports persons from across the world. The festival will witness speakers of 15 Indian and 35 international languages participate in stimulating debates on an array of topics including artificial intelligence, environment, art, culture, history, cinema, and म्यूजिक

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