मंगलवार, 2 मार्च, 2021
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The Centre, State governments of Tripura and Mizoram, and representatives of Bru organisations signed the agreement in the presence of Union Home Minister “Quadripartite Agreement” allowed some 35,000 Bru tribal people, who were displaced from Mizoram and are living in Tripura as refugees since 1997, to settle permanently in Tripura. According to a report, the Brus, who are spread across Tripura, Mizoram and parts of southern Assam, are said to be the most populous tribe in TripuraThey are also known as the Reangs in Mizoram, as they are essentially ethnically different from the Mizos, and have their own distinct language and dialect and thus form one of the 21 scheduled tribes of Tripura.While in Tripura their numbers stand at approximately 32,000, spread across six refugee camps in the state, Mizoram has as many as 40,000 Brus living in the state.For their livelihood they pursue Hilltop Jhum Cultivation, several activities of food gathering including collection of jungle fruits, leaf, plants, fishing in stagnant water in hill slopes, hunting of wild animals and birds, etc
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