गुरुवार, 30 जून, 2022
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Session to Empower Children and Youth
Jaipur Literature Festival and its annual Youth Outreach programme with Yuva Ekta Foundation and School Outreach programme s ensure that a wide variety of children and young people are involved in the ambit of the Festival. This year, the Yuva Ekta Foundation is embracing the enchanting world of stories those we have grown up with, stories of courage, of change, stories that inspire and transform, and stories that are being created around us at this very moment.

Kahaaniyon ki Rahasyamayi Duniya - the Mysterious World of Stories,will be the culmination of a week-long programme that compels participants to delve deeper into their psyche, uncover the multiple layers of meaning within a story and provide them with a safe pace to embody and co-author their own experiences and voices.

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