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International News

Jaipur Literature Festival 2020 Showcasing Literary and Fashion Trends

13th edition of JLF 2020 attracts plenty of youth from every corner of the world. in the crowd of writers, authors, literary lovers it become witness of fashion trends. Youths love of JLF is seen eve...

रविवार, 26 जनवरी, 2020, प्रातः 9:11 बजे

Google Doodle Showcasing India's Rich Culture at 71th Republic Day

Google always stand up to give importance to worlds most important events. Today on the ocassion of India's 71th Republic Day google doodle showcasing countries rich and diverse culture. India is now ...

रविवार, 26 जनवरी, 2020, प्रातः 8:59 बजे

Jaipur Literature Festival is "Sahitya Ka Mahakumbh":Ashok Gehlot

Literature loves, authors, writers across the world collected at Diggi Palace to celebrate annual literary event, Jaipur Literature Festival. In inaugural ceremony Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot said tha...

गुरुवार, 23 जनवरी, 2020, सांय 10:56 बजे

Coronavirus: 400 Identified as New Cases in China, 9 Dead

Wuhan Virus which is passing between people, affected approx hundreds of residents of china. 9 death is reported till now from virus, whereas one patient of same virus identified in US.


बुधवार, 22 जनवरी, 2020, सांय 0:3 बजे

Arvind Krishna Mehrotra will be fecilitate at Jaipur Literature Festival From Fifth Mahakavi Kanhaiyalal Sethia Award for Poetry

Every year, the ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival celebrates poetry as one of literature’s most effective and powerful art forms and recognises the best among India’s plethora of young and talented poets...

मंगलवार, 21 जनवरी, 2020, सांय 0:43 बजे

Natural Attack on Australia is going to convert from Bushfire to Flood

Australia which suffer is not ended from severe bushfire is experiencing hailstorm. Eastern Australia which is fire hit region now affected by hailstorm and heavy rain. Since September, blazes have ki...

सोमवार, 20 जनवरी, 2020, प्रातः 11:1 बजे

Fears have risen across the world as many of Chinese people travel within country and across the world during Lunar outbreak that begins next week. .
Wuhan’s health authority confirmed 17 new ca...

सोमवार, 20 जनवरी, 2020, प्रातः 10:26 बजे

Finding Alternatives of Single Use Plastic

Single use plastic was banned in India last year on the occasion of 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. Almost half of the plastic produced in the world is designed to be used only once. There ...

शनिवार, 18 जनवरी, 2020, प्रातः 7:6 बजे

Central Chinese city Wuhan attacked by new respiratory virus Coronavirus. This type of viruses are Zoonotic, transmitted between animals and humans. These are a large family viruses that cause illness...

शनिवार, 18 जनवरी, 2020, प्रातः 4:47 बजे

Most severe and longest forest fire in Australia presented a warning to humans about their future. Some naturalist claimed that this fire is biggest example of climate change and now is time to react ...

शनिवार, 18 जनवरी, 2020, प्रातः 4:7 बजे
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